Putting Gloves on Children has Never been Easier.

Glove Pilot

  • No more hassle putting on gloves.
  • Great for children, those with special needs and seniors.
  • CPSIA Section 101 compliant (lead-free).
  • Only takes seconds per glove – see video below.
  • Sold as a set to hang wet gloves to dry.
  • 2 in 1 device – Glove Pilot and shoehorn.

Our Story

I’m a mom of two busy, active children. Like many moms, we’re always rushing around from one activity to the next trying to get to places on time. Last winter, I was trying to get my son’s gloves on as the school bus was turning down our street. As usual, his little fingers never seem to find their way into the correct finger of the gloves and we both got frustrated as we took his hand out and tried again several times as the bus was pulling up. It was this frustration that led me to design the Glove Pilot. No longer is it a hassle to put gloves on your children.

The Glove Pilot makes it easy to put gloves on by guiding their fingers into the gloves quickly. The Glove Pilot can also be used to hang wet gloves to dry. Turn the Glove Pilot around and the handle can be used as a shoe horn.

How It Works